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Fine Free Check Out Policy

Effective Sept. 3, the library will eliminate fines on overdue materials in all formats. Existing fines will be deleted, and accounts blocked due to unpaid fines will be opened.
  • Library cards will still cost $10 annually, and those using the computers and making copies will be charged fees.
  • Library materials still will be due two weeks after they are checked out.
  • Patrons will receive notices reminding them when they have overdue materials.
  • Patrons will be charged replacement fees for materials not returned within 49 days of the due date (28 days for new books and DVDs). The library cards of patrons with materials not returned by the 49- or 28-day deadlines will be suspended. Those charges will be cleared, and library cards reinstated, once the items are returned.
  • Patrons also will be responsible for replacement charges for lost or damaged materials.
  • Materials can easily be renewed by phone or email, and items may be returned any time in the outside drop box.

Going fine free is a small step in removing barriers for those who rely on library access the most!

Patron FAQs

I currently have fines on my account. Are those being cleared? 
Yes. All accounts will be cleared of overdue fines as of September 3, 2021. If you have questions about your account, please call or email our Office Manager. You can also log in to view your account online.

Will there still be due dates?
Yes. Library materials will still have two-week due dates and patrons will still be expected to return materials within that window. Patrons will be charged a replacement cost for items that aren’t returned within 49 days of the due date (28 days for new materials/green dot books). Replacement charges will be cleared when the items are returned.

Sometimes I’ve kept books longer than the due date because I needed more time, or I wasn’t in town to return them, and just planned on paying my fine. What should I do now?
We ask that patrons bear their fellow library users in mind when keeping materials past due dates, especially new and popular titles. We also offer easy ways to renew via phone or email. New materials/green dot books that can’t be renewed can be returned and checked out again.

Won’t removing fines take away the incentive to return materials within the due dates?
Most libraries that have gone fine free do not report an increase in later returns – in fact, they report the opposite.

How does eliminating fines impact the library’s budget? 
Library fines made up a very small part of the library’s budget. Attempts to collect fines often ended up costing the library more than the amount collected.


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