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NW Authors Speaker Series Recorded Presentations

NW Authors Series Recorded Presentations 2023-24 Season:

Sixth Annual Writers Read Hybrid Presentation March 22, 2024:

The library’s NW Authors Series hosted the Sixth Annual Writers Read Celebration on Friday, March 22nd. 15 Talented writers gathered on a rainy and intimate evening to share their works on the 2024 Writers Read theme: “Beach Noir.” From the melancholy to the humorous, hear stories about a ghostly bartender, crustaceans to die for, slovenly detectives and more, as we celebrated writing, reading, and noir fiction.

Tove Danovich Hybrid Presentation February 24, 2024:

The library’s NW Authors Series welcomed author and journalist Tove Danovich. Tove charmed the audience with anecdotes about chicken-keeping, and how that led her on the path to research and write “Under the Henfluence: inside the world of backyard chickens and the people who love them,” which has been nominated for a 2024 Oregon Book Award in the category of nonfiction.

Deb Vanasse Hybrid Presentation January 20, 2024:

The library’s NW Authors Series welcomed author Deb Vanasse. Deb shared her processes for writing and researching, talked about the power of place, and tied it all into her journey to write the award-winning nonfiction books “Wealth Woman” and “Roar of the Sea.” Deb also discussed her evolution as a writer – how she’s navigated from picture books, to deeply researched nonfiction, to her current project, a historical fiction series that’s based in Astoria, Oregon.

Terry Evers Hybrid Presentation November 11, 2023:

The library’s NW Authors Speaker Series welcomed author and teacher Terry Evers. Terry shared stories of his adventures, read passages from his fishing memoir, and paid homage to his late father and mentor. He also explained the ins and outs of dory boat fishing and discussed his journey to get published. 

Craig Thompson Hybrid Presentation October 13, 2023:

The NW Authors Series welcomed multiple award-winning graphic novelist and cartoonist Craig Thompson to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of his beloved ground-breaking novel “Blankets.” Audience members were captivated as he offered cultural insights into the history and influence of graphic novels. He also examined his development as an artist, introduced his new projects, and discussed the impact “Blankets” has had on his life.

Jon Raymond Hybrid Presentation September 19, 2023:

Award-winning author and screenwriter Jon Raymond kicked off the Cannon Beach Library’s 2023-24 NW Authors Series. He read an intriguing passage from his newest novel “Denial,” opened discussion with the audience for a candid exploration of climate issues, and the role of writers in the genre of climate fiction, and explained his writing process for both books and the big screen.

NW Author Series Recorded Presentations 2022-23 Season:

Jessica’s Mehta Hybrid Presentation May 13, 2023:

The library’s NW Authors Series welcomed author, poet, and artist Jessica Mehta. Dr. Mehta read several of her powerful poems, shared photos of her art installations, and discussed her perspectives as a Cherokee woman.

Marianne Monson Hybrid Presentation April 22, 2023:

The library’s NW Authors Series welcomed Astoria author Marianne Monson, who discussed her new historical fiction novel Opera Sisters. She shared the story of two seemingly ordinary sisters who took extraordinary risks to save the lives of strangers. She also shared the story of her own journey as she retraced the sisters’ footsteps to unearth this almost-lost, incredible story. Opera Sisters and many of Monson’s other women’s history books are available to check out at the library.

Annelise Heinz Hybrid Presentation March 25, 2023:

The library’s NW Authors Series welcomed author and historian Annelise Heinz, who provided an insightful, and often surprising, view into the history of Mahjong. She delved into the cultural myths and fluid story of a game that, in some ways, may be as American as it is Chinese. Watch until the end for a fascinating Q and A with the audience. Her book Mahjong: A Chinese Game and the Making of Modern American Culture is available to check out at the library.

Fifth Annual Writers Read Celebration Hybrid Presentation March 10, 2023:

The library’s NW Authors Series welcomed 14 local and regional authors to read their works during the Fifth Annual Writers Read Celebration. Writers had vastly different approaches to this year’s theme, “Hemingway at the Beach: What Would He Say?” Selected works ranged from poetry with a homemade prop and a 6-line short story to a short fantasy piece and the fretting of an anxious woman. Writers elicited laughs, cheers, applause, and surprise as the community gathered to appreciate writing, reading, and Hemingway. A journal of the selected pieces is available to download.

Willy Vlautin Hybrid Presentation February 11, 2023:

The library’s NW Authors Series welcomed best-selling author and musician Willy Vlautin. He captivated a packed audience when he read passages from his latest book The Night Always Comes, and there was an audible hush as he played 2 beautifully raw accompanying tunes. He discussed his inspirations for his stories and characters, insights into his writing style, and shared his experiences with adapting his novels onto the big screen. Willy’s unassuming nature, good humor and sincerity shone through in his presentation, as it does in his novels.

Liz Prato hybrid Presentation January 21, 2023:

The library’s NW Authors Series welcomed author Liz Prato. Due to a technical glitch the first 20 minutes of her talk about Hawaii is unavailable, but you can still watch a candid and honest presentation about her writings and experiences. She opened up about her youth, her family, and her writing style, while also deftly fielding comments from the audience.

Ellie Alexander Hybrid Presentation November 12, 2022:

The library’s NW Authors Series hosted author Ellie Alexander, who elicited lots of laughs as she shared her history as a writer, discussed her experiences writing cozy mysteries, dished about the publishing industry, and talked about the future of her various cozy series (puns always intended).

Callum Angus Hybrid Presentation October 15, 2022:

The Cannon Beach Library’s NW Authors Series welcomed author Cal Angus. He spellbound the audience with an intimate reading of two short stories from his recently published collection, “The Natural History of Transition.” He also shared stories of his own transitions, both personally and as a writer.

Eileen Garvin Hybrid Presentation September 24, 2022:

Author Eileen Garvin joined us for the library’s first NW Authors Series event of the season to present her book, “The Music of Bees.” She shared laugh-out-loud anecdotes, discussed her writing process and inspirations, and engaged with the audience in conversations about banned books and the future of AI in literature.

NW Author Series Recorded Presentations 2021-22 Season:

Omar El Akkad Facebook Live Presentation April 16, 2022:

Omar El Akkad, best-selling author of “American War,” joins library volunteer Doug Sugano to discuss his latest novel “What Strange Paradise.” Omar reads two powerful passages from his latest work, which has been nominated for the Oregon Book Award, and shares an intimate view of himself as a writer. He explores migration discourse, climate fiction, his writing process, and why writing is good for the soul.

4Th Annual Writers Read Celebration Facebook Live Presentation March 5, 2022:

The Cannon Beach Library’s NW Authors Series presents the 4th annual Writers Read Celebration. Chosen writers gathered to read original works interpreting the theme, “Recovery?” Volunteer Nancy McCarthy expertly proctored the event, introducing the writers and following up with questions about their works.

Stephen Holgate Facebook Live Presentation February 5, 2022:

Portland author Stephen Holgate returns to talk about his latest thriller, “To Live and Die in the Floating World.” He discusses his writing process, his character development, and how his real-life experiences reflect in his novels. He also treats us to a couple theatrical readings and shares some great stories.

Tina Ontiveros Facebook Live Presentation January 15, 2022:

Tina Ontiveros, author of the stirring memoir “Rough House,” joins us to discuss her writings, her early life, and her advice on creating contemporary nonfiction. Her important insights give a voice to those effected by poverty, as she explores the social constructs that help exploit the poor and cement class discrimination.

Deborah Reed Facebook Live Presentation November 13, 2021:

Deborah Reed, author and owner of Cloud and Leaf Bookstore in Manzanita, joined us for November’s NW Authors Series Presentation. Deborah shared her captivating insights on developing fiction – the need for a sense of place, ways to engage a reader, and the publication process. She also discussed her character development and her journey as a writer.

Karen Thompson Walker Facebook Live Presentation October 16, 2021:

Portland author Karen Thompson Walker discusses her writing process, characters, and upcoming projects. She also shares her insights into writing a pandemic-themed novel just as a real pandemic was gripping the world.

Dana Haynes Facebook Live Presentation September 11, 2021:

Portland author Dana Haynes kicks off the 2021-22 season of the Cannon Beach Library’s NW Authors Series, our ongoing speaker series that highlights authors of the Pacific Northwest. Haynes joins volunteer Nancy McCarthy to discuss “Sirocco,” the second book of his “St. Nicholas Salvage and Wrecking” series. He shares his insights about character development, travel, publishing, and the writing experience.

NW Author Series Recorded Presentations 2020-21 Season:

Lori Tobias Facebook Live Presentation, May 15, 2021:

The Cannon Beach Library’s NW Authors Series presents Lori Tobias. Volunteer Nancy McCarthy sits down with author and journalist Lori Tobias. Tobias gives us insight into her writing process, discusses new memoir “Storm Beat,” and shares her life spent in the unpredictable business of journalism.

J.A. Jance Facebook Live Presentation, April 10, 2021:

The Cannon Beach Library’s NW Authors Series hosts bestselling mystery author J.A. Jance. She joins us for a candid conversation about her life, her writings, and what comes next.

R. Gregory Nokes Zoom Presentation, March 20, 2021:

The Cannon Beach Library’s NW Authors Series hosts author, historian, and journalist Greg Nokes as he discusses the history of slavery in Oregon.

NW Author Series Writers Read Celebration, February 20, 2021:

The Cannon Beach Library’s NW Authors series presents the third annual Writers Read Celebration. Writers read original works on the theme “Pandemic”. February 20, 2021.

Jennifer Greer Facebook Live Presentation, January 23, 2021:

The Cannon Beach Library’s NW Authors Series presents author Jennifer Greer. Jennifer discusses her new crime thriller A Desperate Place.

Apricot Irving Zoom Presentation, October 10, 2020:

The Cannon Beach Library’s NW Authors Series hosts author Apricot Irving on Zoom Saturday, October 10th, 2020. She gives a moving talk about her experiences in Haiti through her award-winning memoir “The Gospel of Trees” and reads from her latest article about wildfires in Oregon.

Marianne Monson Facebook Live Presentation, August 22, 2020:

Paula Butterfield Zoom Presentation, September 19, 2020:

The Cannon Beach Library’s NW Authors Series presents author Paula Butterfield, who discusses her new historical fiction “La Luministe” and shares the beautiful works of artist Berthe Morisot.

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